Approval of layout plan : sub division of plots approval fees

Betterment Charges

Residential Rs.20 per
commercial Rs.75 per
Industrial Rs.40 per

Scruting fee: For all types of land use Rs.150 per acre.

Tank Rejuenuation fee: Rs.1lakh per acre.


Building plan approval fees

Betterment fees Cital Area
Residential Rs.20 per
Commercial Rs.75 per
Industrial Rs.40 per

Note: Layout plan approved by the authority, collecting betterment fees, need not collect the above fees for the sites.

Road cess : Rs. 1 lakh per acre for all land uses.


Building construction
Residential Rs.2 per
Commercial Rs.10 per
Industrial Rs.4 per

Scrutiny fee: Rs.50 only

CIRCULAR COPIIES: Dated:-27-11-1997

                                      Dated:- 11-03-2010